News Alerts: 9 brand new, must-see plots out now.

9 New Properties in 7 States!It’s that time of the year again, the temperature is rising and summer is just around the corner. It’s time to find the closest beach – whether it be on a lake, river, or ocean! Well, if you are looking for your own spot to cool off this summer, this is the property release for you.Nearly all of the properties released today are within a 20 minute drive from a lake, river, or ocean! See all 9 brand new properties here!
Interactive Maps On All Parcels!You knew when we took away the satellite view that we were working on something cool, and now it is finally ready.Ashley wrote a great blog post about the changes last week, you can read it here. But if you don’t feel like reading about the feature and just want to use it, click the maps tab on any property and there will be an interactive map waiting for you!
Corner Lot In Lehigh Acres, FL You’ll love this over quarter-acre property on the corner of Nevada Avenue and Ramus St. in Lehigh Acres. These are two gravel roads that are easy to travel down… %7B7ce3404e-1b90-4290-bf33-9597c583ad1b%7D_8173.gif


20 Minutes To Lake Conroe, TX
This property is located on a wide and well-maintained dirt road named Magnolia Lane. The parcel is in a nice area with plenty of houses around and this lot is full of trees…%7B62f17b0e-1d4a-4592-8ca8-4e836cea5853%7D_8167.gif%7B88812379-aff4-405c-88ef-4b1762b5d9dc%7D_view_properties_btn.gif
Nearly 2 Acres Within Walking Distance To Goose Lake

See that picture above? Property #8180 is located just a block down on the left-hand side of this road. If you continue down a few more blocks, you’ll find yourself on the shoreline of Goose Lake, a 147 sq. mile lake that runs into Southern Oregon. Though the property’s frontage is to a gravel road, it’s only one block from a perfectly maintained paved road – so you don’t need a fancy SUV or 4×4 to enjoy this plot… read more about this property>>Dimensions: 171′ x 419′
Slope: Flat
Down Payment: $149.00
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