6 plots remain from Thursday’s new property release

Six Properties Still Remain!Did you miss the new property release earlier this week? Not to worry – most of the new properties are still available.

Among the 6 remaining properties are the two biggest parcels in this property release, a buildable 10 acre plot in Fort Garland, CO for under $190 a month & a 20 acre agricultural-residential property in Termo, CA. These two properties are highlighted below.

If you want to see a list of the 6 remaining properties, click the button below.


Featured Land – 7% Interest %7B272f63a9-0099-4b9a-a985-15ac43e04e0b%7D_douglass_7.jpg%7Bc6c94271-f198-4848-8b4e-49bdd6d837eb%7D_camping.png%7Bba79b12a-46c8-4bc9-93bb-eb2ee2e2e620%7D_farming.png%7B60d3b315-02a7-4373-aba6-fd9d930bc2fc%7D_homesite.png%7Bf251c4a0-8706-4f6a-9ddd-81373d368947%7D_investment.png%7B9deb248c-04ec-4380-933e-4b6e28485067%7D_recreational.png

State: Washington
Size: 0.93 acres
Access: Excellent – Paved Road

offer ends tomorrow

Enjoy The Year-Round Sunshine Just South of Tucson
%7B42ff11f0-b224-4ce3-a3c9-6683893d7a44%7D_South_Tucson.jpgA great property, over half an acre, awaits you. Located in the hills of Rio Rico Southwest at an elevation of 3596 feet, this property is on a paved road in a well developed area with houses all around. This particular property is well-situated off of Camino Caballo.

State: Arizona
Size: 0.59 acres
Access: Excellent – Paved Road


10 Beautiful Acres Just Minutes from San Luis%7B3e18d947-c852-4df4-8c1f-43611187104b%7D_fort_garland_346x546.jpgTen acres can all be yours as the owner of this large property on Dante Rd. It is on a dirt road, but is only 1 1/4 miles off of Hwy. 159, a nice paved road with power lines. You will be only 10 minutes from San Luis and about 90 minutes from Taos, New Mexico.

State: Colorado
Size: 10.00 acres
Access: Good – Dirt Road


20 Acre Rural Getaway About Half an Hour From Ravendale Airport %7B9f7d45a3-ec94-4adc-ae3e-34eab7f77548%7D_Lassen_560.jpg This is a large 20 acre parcel zoned for Agricultural use. It has a gentle slope from Canary Lane up to a wooded hill at the back of the property. This property is less than 10 miles from Highway 139 which will take you into Susanville in just an hour. Lassen County enjoys a clean natural environment with excellent air quality… read more about this property>>

State: California
Size: 20.0 acres
Access: Good – Dirt Road


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19 New Properties To Start Summer Off Right!Now that Memorial Day is behind us, we are officially in Summer-Mode here at LandCentral. To celebrate the sunny days ahead we’re releasing a limited amount of new properties in some pretty great places. There are a bunch of Texas properties, three adjacent lots in New Mexico, one of our rare Oklahoma plots, and much much more.

As always, I’ve highlighted some of my favorites below, but don’t stop there, there are many other great properties waiting for you at LandCentral.com.

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Two Adjacent Texas Lots For The Price Of One Take a look at this half-acre (2 adjacent 1/4 acre plots) of land on Gum Tree Lane. There are trees on the property and houses in the area. This land is less than 90 minutes from Houston and only half an hour from Navasota.



Three New Mexico Properties:
side by side… by side
This property is about 2 miles off of Rio Communities Blvd, a paved road (where the picture below was taken.) Use coupon code: IWantAll3 for $175 off each property when you buy all three! (offer good through May 31st)



0.24 Acres Across The Kink Arm From Anchorage %7B73f3d5e1-d1b8-4854-a71a-08d864f66e62%7D_Anchorage.jpg

This nearly one-quarter acre property is located off of a dirt Jeep Trail about half a mile from the edge of the Knik Arm of Cook Inlet, just across the water from Anchorage. There are plenty of trees on this property and not many neighbors in the area. Wasilla is about 90 minutes away… read more about this property>>

Dimensions: 65′ x 150′
Slope: Flat
Down Payment: $149.00


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