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Get ready to see your dream property in a whole new way. Starting today we are adding 360 degree video tours to some of our properties. We’ve only made it out to a few of our parcels, but we are really excited to share the first few videos with you. I’ve highlighted two videos below, check them out and let me know what you think!

Video isn’t the only big LandCentral news today. We are also releasing 12 great new properties from the Southwest, to the deep South, up to the great Northeast!


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Woodland Getaway Near Several Recreation Areas This lot on Tri-Lakes Rd. is located just 1 mile from the city center of Horseshoe Bend where you will find banks, churches, grocery stores and even a bowling alley. There is a small lake just a half mile away, and Crown Lake is only 2 miles away.  Crown Lake covers over 650 acres and is a great spot for fishing and water sports.

5+ Acre Property in the Hills Above Fort GarlandThis acreage property is located in the rougher country above the town of Fort Garland.  This property is located at 8810 feet elevation less than 5 miles off of Highway 160 which can take you to Fort Garland in half an hour or to Walsenburg in an hour.  Colorado Springs is about 2 1/2 hours away.

Spacious 1+ Acre Southwestern Refuge

Only a single turn off of Hwy 180 and then less than 1 1/2 miles along Laguna Drive will bring you to this acreage property.  This is wide-open land, with plenty of room to spread out and mountain views in the distance.  This property is very close to the town of Valle and about an hour from Flagstaff.  If you are looking for some fun, travel to the Planes of Fame Air Museum 4 miles away, or you can be at the Grand Canyon in only 45 minutes. Take a video tour of this property>>

Dimensions: 175′ x 300′
Slope: Flat
County: Coconino

1+ Acre Parcel Near Grand Canyon Caverns

Take a look at this property located on Rana Rd. in central Arizona.  There are homes already scattered around this area and the roads are not bad.  You are about 45 minutes from Interstate 40 and the town of Seligman (on historic Route 66) is an hour away.  This property is about 13 miles as the crow flies (or 90 minutes by road) from the Grand Canyon Caverns.  The Grand Canyon Caverns lie 230 feet below ground level. They are among the largest of dry caverns in the United States. Air comes into the caverns from the Grand Canyon through 60 miles of limestone caves. Take a video tour of this property>>

Dimensions: 250′ x 370′ x 455′
Slope: Slight slope
County: Yavapai

Our 5 Most Popular Properties From Last Week!


1. Over 57 Acres In Hudspeth County, Texas – 523 views last week

2. 20 Acres In Jordan Valley, Oregon – 393 views last week

3. 2.52 Acres In Siskiyou, California – 385 views last week

4. 0.65 Acres By The Cumberland River – 360 views last week

5. 1/4 Acre 90 Minutes From Houston, Texas – 287 views last week

28 Foreclosures out now – Happy Foreclosures on the 15th!

28 New Properties in 11 States!It’s the most anticipated day of the month for land investors – Foreclosures on the 15th!

This month’s Foreclosures on the 15th release features properties located all over the country! That includes 6 Texas properties – all of which are in different counties – and a few in rare places such as Idaho, Michigan, and Montana. So start your weekend out right and get on to right away to see these 28 properties!

See All 28 Properties Here

Biggest Discount ForeclosureA few of you have asked us to highlight the parcel that’s dropped the most in price through the foreclosure process – so here is this month’s best foreclosure deal!

0.11 acres in Coos Bay, OregonOriginal Price: $15,497
Foreclosed Price: $2,847.62

See Property

Vast 2.6 Acre Investment 5 Minutes from California City Don’t miss this 2.6 acre property on Mustang Court. There is a slight slope to the land, but nothing extreme. Here you will be only 5 minutes from California City, and just a 2 1/2 hour drive from Los Angeles.



Appealing One Acre Parcel by Palm SpringsTake a look at this property about half an hour Southwest of Palm Desert. It is a large one-acre lot on Palm Canyon Drive, which is a wide, nicely maintained dirt road. There are a number of houses in the area…



Gorgeous 1+ Acre Land of Tranquility In Naples %7B40a214fc-9720-4c29-a2f1-8097990ceb35%7D_Collier_560.jpg

This lovely property is located on 14th Avenue NE in South-Central Florida, just a short drive from downtown Naples. Naples is the crown jewel of Southwest Florida — nestled on the sun drenched beaches of the Gulf of Mexico, it is known for world class shopping, dining and abundant, challenging golf courses… read more about this property>>

Slope: Flat
Access: Excellent – Paved Road
Cost To Bring Current: $180.94


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6 plots remain from Thursday’s new property release

Six Properties Still Remain!Did you miss the new property release earlier this week? Not to worry – most of the new properties are still available.

Among the 6 remaining properties are the two biggest parcels in this property release, a buildable 10 acre plot in Fort Garland, CO for under $190 a month & a 20 acre agricultural-residential property in Termo, CA. These two properties are highlighted below.

If you want to see a list of the 6 remaining properties, click the button below.


Featured Land – 7% Interest %7B272f63a9-0099-4b9a-a985-15ac43e04e0b%7D_douglass_7.jpg%7Bc6c94271-f198-4848-8b4e-49bdd6d837eb%7D_camping.png%7Bba79b12a-46c8-4bc9-93bb-eb2ee2e2e620%7D_farming.png%7B60d3b315-02a7-4373-aba6-fd9d930bc2fc%7D_homesite.png%7Bf251c4a0-8706-4f6a-9ddd-81373d368947%7D_investment.png%7B9deb248c-04ec-4380-933e-4b6e28485067%7D_recreational.png

State: Washington
Size: 0.93 acres
Access: Excellent – Paved Road

offer ends tomorrow

Enjoy The Year-Round Sunshine Just South of Tucson
%7B42ff11f0-b224-4ce3-a3c9-6683893d7a44%7D_South_Tucson.jpgA great property, over half an acre, awaits you. Located in the hills of Rio Rico Southwest at an elevation of 3596 feet, this property is on a paved road in a well developed area with houses all around. This particular property is well-situated off of Camino Caballo.

State: Arizona
Size: 0.59 acres
Access: Excellent – Paved Road


10 Beautiful Acres Just Minutes from San Luis%7B3e18d947-c852-4df4-8c1f-43611187104b%7D_fort_garland_346x546.jpgTen acres can all be yours as the owner of this large property on Dante Rd. It is on a dirt road, but is only 1 1/4 miles off of Hwy. 159, a nice paved road with power lines. You will be only 10 minutes from San Luis and about 90 minutes from Taos, New Mexico.

State: Colorado
Size: 10.00 acres
Access: Good – Dirt Road


20 Acre Rural Getaway About Half an Hour From Ravendale Airport %7B9f7d45a3-ec94-4adc-ae3e-34eab7f77548%7D_Lassen_560.jpg This is a large 20 acre parcel zoned for Agricultural use. It has a gentle slope from Canary Lane up to a wooded hill at the back of the property. This property is less than 10 miles from Highway 139 which will take you into Susanville in just an hour. Lassen County enjoys a clean natural environment with excellent air quality… read more about this property>>

State: California
Size: 20.0 acres
Access: Good – Dirt Road


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29 new, must-see Foreclosures out now on

29 New Properties in 12 States!I know, I know, on the 15th of every month I write you an email bragging about the great selection of properties that you can choose from. But sometimes I really can’t help but gush over the selection of properties – this is one of those times.

Available now is an amazing mix of plots in both our rarest areas (Missouri, Montana, and Wyoming) and our most popular areas (like: Washington, California, and Florida). Don’t miss out on this special Foreclosures on the 15th!

See all 29 properties here

A Note From AshleyHey Everyone!

Next Monday and Tuesday (May 20th and 21st) the LandCentral team will be out of the office brainstorming new ways to make LandCentral a better experience for everyone! So if you give us a call and no one answers – not to worry! Leave me a voicemail and I will return it when we get back. If you need to make a payment on land you already own you can do so 24/7 on! As always, if you want to purchase a property on it’s as easy as clicking the buy now button! Bye for now!
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Paved Road & Power In A Developed Florida Cul-De-Sac This 0.44 acre lot is a flag-shaped lot at the end of Amesbury Lane, a cul-de-sac in the Poinciana development. It is west of Lake Tohopekaliga with other large lakes nearby. It is only 35 miles north to Disney World….



Blaze Your Own Trail in Lewis and Clark, Montana
This acreage property is grassland, just 10 miles from the Rocky Mountains to the west. There are 2 national wildlife areas nearby at Willow Creek Reservoir. This image was taken a few miles east of the property…%7B9ba9d35b-e976-4496-995b-6d4252832e5e%7D_6167.gif


80 Acres of Rural-Residential Land in Wyoming

Wyoming is home to Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park, and the Rocky Mountains. You are in the southern part of the state with this large 80-acre parcel, in a land of flat grasses. This land is located off of a dirt road and is north of I-80. The picture above was taken on I-80 facing the direction on this property. The plot is located about 10 miles from here… read more about this property>>Dimensions: 1320′ x 2640′
Slope: Flat
Cost To Bring Current: $193.21
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News Alerts: 9 brand new, must-see plots out now.

9 New Properties in 7 States!It’s that time of the year again, the temperature is rising and summer is just around the corner. It’s time to find the closest beach – whether it be on a lake, river, or ocean! Well, if you are looking for your own spot to cool off this summer, this is the property release for you.Nearly all of the properties released today are within a 20 minute drive from a lake, river, or ocean! See all 9 brand new properties here!
Interactive Maps On All Parcels!You knew when we took away the satellite view that we were working on something cool, and now it is finally ready.Ashley wrote a great blog post about the changes last week, you can read it here. But if you don’t feel like reading about the feature and just want to use it, click the maps tab on any property and there will be an interactive map waiting for you!
Corner Lot In Lehigh Acres, FL You’ll love this over quarter-acre property on the corner of Nevada Avenue and Ramus St. in Lehigh Acres. These are two gravel roads that are easy to travel down… %7B7ce3404e-1b90-4290-bf33-9597c583ad1b%7D_8173.gif


20 Minutes To Lake Conroe, TX
This property is located on a wide and well-maintained dirt road named Magnolia Lane. The parcel is in a nice area with plenty of houses around and this lot is full of trees…%7B62f17b0e-1d4a-4592-8ca8-4e836cea5853%7D_8167.gif%7B88812379-aff4-405c-88ef-4b1762b5d9dc%7D_view_properties_btn.gif
Nearly 2 Acres Within Walking Distance To Goose Lake

See that picture above? Property #8180 is located just a block down on the left-hand side of this road. If you continue down a few more blocks, you’ll find yourself on the shoreline of Goose Lake, a 147 sq. mile lake that runs into Southern Oregon. Though the property’s frontage is to a gravel road, it’s only one block from a perfectly maintained paved road – so you don’t need a fancy SUV or 4×4 to enjoy this plot… read more about this property>>Dimensions: 171′ x 419′
Slope: Flat
Down Payment: $149.00
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Foreclosures for sale in Colorado

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